„Hoi Hoi, sailors and landlubbers, open the hatches, it’s time for a story. I’ve seen him, the giant octopus and the white whale, yeah yeah. Believe me or not, but I’ll tell you the truth. But my most incredible experience, that was a meeting with the ship’s kobold. Not just any ship’s kobold, how the men in stormy nights tell. No, I’m talking about THE ship’s kobold. His ship can sing and navigates on the sea, like a dancer on the stage. The Sea IS his stage. Hold it for an cock-and-bull story or not, but I’m telling you, you will meet him someday.“

About the event

During this event, you will see a ship on your port map which will give you new assignments if you click on it. The assignments are called Kobold assignments. A pumpkin icon at the top right of the screen contains a timer showing how much time is left for the event (Start: october 25th, 10am UTC+2; End: november 3rd 2017, 11:59pm UTC+1). Click on the pumpkin icon to open the swap meet, where you can swap your Kobold Coins for unique, valuable rewards.

Kobold assignments

You can fullfill 6 assignments per day. New ones will be generated at 6am, 2pm and 10pm UTC. You might generate new ones on your own for 5 gold bars.
Every Kobold assignment gains you kobold’s coins which can be converted into special rewards. Fish your fish as usual and pay them in. The amount is calculated from your player’s level.

Swap meet

You can access the swap meet via the pumpkin icon at the top right of the screen. Here you can see how many Kobold Coins you have and what you can swap them for.
You can buy the Kobold ticket, the “Figurehead” item and the skin “Flying Dutchman” as many times as you like, whereas the “The Ghost Ship” and “The Kobold Ship” rewards are limited to one of each.
The 2 unique rewards will remain in your possession until november 28th 10am UTC+1.

All unused Kobold Coins expire at the end of the event!

Available rewards

Kobold ticket
Costs: 1 Kobold Coin
The Kobold Ticket may contain the following random rewards:

Experience points
1 purple item
5 gold bars
A dud
One free ticket

Costs: 2 Kobold Coins
The figurehead is an item that improves a ship’s operating speed by 30% while reducing it’s fuel consumption by 30%. What makes the Figurehead special is that it remains instead of vanishing after one use like other items that reduce fuel consumption. Once added to a ship it remains there for 12 hours.
Skin “The Flying Dutchman”
Costs: 10 Kobold Coins
This skin remains on your ship for seven days. The ship’s speed is increased by 50%, it’s operating speed by 15%.
The Ghost ship
Costs: 20 Kobold Coins

The Ghost ship is an additional ship that comes with a temporary slot.
It stays with you until november 28th, 10am UTC+1
The Kobold ship
Costs: 50 Kobold Coins

The Klabauter’s ship is an additional ship that comes with a temporary slot.
It stays with you until november 28th, 10am UTC+1

Achievement „Kobold’s Haunting 2017“

There’s a special achievement which rewards you with prestige. Earn Kobold Coins to progress within the achievement.

Level Needed Kobold Coins Prestige rewarded
Level I 1 500
Level II 3 1.000
Level III 9 1.500
Level IV 18 2.250
Level V 30 3.000
Level VI 45 3.750
Level VII 63 4.500
Level VIII 84 5.250
Level IX 108 6.000
Level X 135 6.750